Executive Summary: Thunderstorm Algorithm

Thunderstorm Algorithm (TA) has adopted a phenomenon of multiple lightning in nature for pretending natural processes performed using several stages are associated with a natural mechanism. By considering this phenomenon, its mechanisms are transferred into certain procedures as the sequencing Read more

Executive Summary HSABC Algorithm

Random walks are important for mimicking erratic movements which applying to a randomly chosen current location moves to a new selected destination. In nature, bees randomly move when foraging for foods from a selected current food source to positions corresponding Read more

IEEE DLP on April 9th 2021 at 1 PM WIB

Artificial Salmon Tracking Algorithm (ASTA) is inspired by the migration of Salmon fish. A salmon life history can be illustrated using a natural behavior in terms of spawning fish and returning from the ocean similar with leaving the pond. This Read more

IEEE Distinguished Lecture Program

Nowadays, the power system becomes huge networks to cover various energy providers and transmission operators as the system enterprise. Practically, the power system is used to deliver electric energy from generator sites to load demand areas which are operated in Read more

Terobosan Menuju Pembangunan PLTN di Indonesia

Kebijakan Energi Nasional (KEN) yang tertuang dalam PP no 79/2014 terkait nuklir sering dipahami secara sepotong bahwa “energi nuklir adalah pilihan terakhir.” Penggunaan kalimat kebijakan yang tidak clear tersebut menyebabkan kontroversi PLTN terus berlanjut. Diskusi dari sudut pandang yang berbeda, dengan mendengarkan Read more

A Tutorial on IEEE Financial Sponsorship

This event held by the IEEE Indonesia Section to provide a tutorial on the process of defining and obtaining IEEE financial sponsorship, financial planning, budgeting, and reporting.