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Power System: Fault diagnostics & Security operation, Export/import & power transaction, Smart grid & Microgrid system, Protection system & maneuver, Transmission & Distribution system, Electric power generation, High voltage & Insulation technology, Power operation & planning, Power economic & production, Power generation & Distributed generation, Power quality & Stability system, isolated system & Remote island system, Education in power system, Etc. Energy System; Renewable energy & Energy optimization, Energy conversion & Energy efficiency, Energy exploitation & exploration, Energy management & mitigation, Energy storage & Energy system, Battery technology & Green energy, Green technology & Natural energy source, Education in the energy system, Energy system modeling & analysis of energy systems, Economics & energy policy, Smart energy systems & Integration of energy storage, Energy policy & market design, retail electricity market & market experience, Capacity market & pricing system, Etc.  Power Electronics & Drives: Power electronics & Electric vehicle, Electrical machine & Motor drives, Power electronic converters & State variable estimation, Intelligent power electronics & Diagnostics in power electronics, drive systems & Industrial drives, Measurement systems & mechatronics, Education in power electronics & drives, Etc. Material Engineering: Advanced energy material & Structural optimization, Energy & power materials, Battery material & shipboard unit, Capacitors for storage & release of pulsed power, fuel cells for efficient direct conversion & energy/power platform, Material energy from the environment & tailorable harvesting, Microturbines for powering small & Engineering interfaces, Material structure & optimize rate, advanced energy storage & conversion materials, Computational materials & combinatorial materials, reduced development time & material decreased cost, increased energy density & weight/size-reduction, Energy Capturing & and battle storage system, Carbon-based materials & biomass-derived activated carbon, utilizes renewable energy & material energy transporting, Conductive & magnetic materials, Etc. Control System: Power control system & Controls for Emergency Power, Peak Shaving & Paralleling Power/Cogeneration, Power Control Systems & Maximum Safety Operating, Remote Monitoring & All Power System Functions, Automatic & manual system operation, Utility circuit breaker control & Tie circuit breaker control, transfer switch operation & Load management control, utilizing state to stably supply power & consumers, Central load-dispatching system & adjusting the supply-demand balance, Feeding central monitoring & control system for integrally controlling multiple, Substation monitoring & control system to monitor substations, advanced control methods & decision for infrastructures, Operation control & planning power grids, Real-time power grid simulation & controlling optimization, integrated control of renewable energy sources & system stability control, demand response & energy management, The robotic system in power & energy systems, Etc. Information Technology: Power system information & Data operating management, Cyber-security & privacy of Infrastructure Systems, Cyber-physical security of power grids & Cyber-security/privacy, Applied Social Media & web integration, Big Data & Mobile technology, Cloud computing & software as a service, Sensor technology & memory computing, Information & operation technology convergence, Advanced metering infrastructure & Communication technology, Predictive analytics & power/energy Internet, Communication & Transportation networks, Internet of things integration & Social Energy, SCADA & Real-Time Information, etc



2021: Turbulent Scale Evaluation on Wind Turbine Performances based on the Kinetic Energy Rotor Captures for the Energy Output Optimization

2021: Dynamic Economic Model Development for the Connected Grid System based on Flexible Fuel Cells as a Demand Side Management Strategy Considering Open Tariffing Systems

2021: Renewable Energy Integration to Smart Grid System for the Challenges Research in Developing Countries

2021: 2nd Year, Model development of Interconnection System as a Pilot Project for Balancing the power transaction in Malang Raya Power Grid based on Renewable Energy

2021: 3rd Year, An Intelligent Power System Development For Malang Raya City As A Pioneer Project Of The Smart City Model For The Java Bali Power Grid


2020: Optimization of Thermal Energy Harvesting Using Artificial Salmon Tracking Algorithm Based On Controlled Power Loss On Electric Power Transmission For Waste Energy Capture Conversion

2020: Evaluation of Random Shadow Penetration on Solar Module Using Intelligent Computation Method for Optimizing Energy Cell Generation on Storage System Process Mechanism

2020: Enhanced Boost Active Switched Impedance on Quasi Z-Source Inverter

2020: New Topology Design of Control System for High Voltage Gain Transformerless DC to DC Converter

2020: Analysis and Design of High Voltage Gain Transformer-less DC-DC Converter for DC-Microgrid System

2020: Efficiency Analysis of High Voltage Again Transformer-less DC-DC Converter

2020: Design and Implementation of Quasi Z-Source Active-Switched Ground Point Clamped Multilevel Inverter on PV On-Grid System

2020: Dual Active Switched Capacitor of Quasi Z-Source Inverter


2019: Model development of Interconnection System as a Pilot Project for Balancing the power transaction in Malang Raya Power Grid based on Renewable Energy

2019: Wireless Protection System Development on Smart Grid Connection for modernizing  Power System Structure

2019: An Intelligent Power System Development For Malang Raya City As A Pioneer Project Of The Smart City Model For The Java Bali Power Grid

2019: Wireless Data Acquisition Development for Optimizing Control and Monitor Management based on Renewable Energy Integration

2019: Harvest Season Artificial Bee Colony Approach for determining Energy Audit Recommendation based on Internet of Things


2018-2020 : An Intelligent Power System Development For Malang Raya City As A Pioneer Project Of The Smart City Model For The Java Bali Power Grid

2018 : Rancang Bangun Intelligent Power Monitoring System Untuk Pengendalian Terpadu Konsumsi Energi Listrik Di Universitas Negeri Malang

2018 : Pengembangan Grand Design Of Smart Grid System Di Universitas Negeri Malang Sebagai Rintisan Research Center Sistem Cerdas Energi (Smart Energy System)

2018 – 2019 :  Sistem Hybrid Power Supply Tenaga Angin Dan Surya Pada Wireless Ballooned Network Untuk Daerah Pasca Bencana


2017: Pengembangan instalasi listrik masjid jami’ Roudlotul Muttaqin Senggreng


2016: Development of Thunderstorm Algorithm and its Engineering Application.

1016: Naturan phenomena analysis for creating an innovation

2016 – 2017 : Pengembangan Data Logger Parameter Daya Pada Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Matahari Jurusan Teknik Elektro Um Menggunakan Mikrokontroler Arduino;  Mokh. Sholihul Hadi, Arif Nur Afandi, Aji Prasetya Wibawa; PTUPT DRPM Ristekdikti


2015: Determination of the optimal operation for the interconnection power plants.

2015: Implementation fo HSABC Algorithm on power plant operation

2015: Dynamic economic dispatch of the large power system

1015: Intelligent Computation evaluation on Energy Management


2014: Harvest Season Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Solving the Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch of The Economic Power System Operation

2014: A new computation system of power system operation based on operating payment optimization

2014: Integration renewable energy source to the existing power system based on pricing limits

2014: Power plant emission evaluation for reducing pollutant in power system operation


2013: The CEED problem of power system operation based on operating payment optimization

2013: Space areas of intelligent computations on the smart power system

2013: A new computation system for penalty factor of economic power system operation

2013: A powerful of HSABC for solving optimization problems


2012: Preceded of the harvest season for providing food sources

2012: Potential intelligent computation adapted from natural behaviors

2012: A novel evolutionary computation based on a new intelligent theories on the HSABC

2012: A new generation evolutionary computation applied on power system


2011: Smart grid integration on large interconnection system considering auto power supply injections

2011: Nuclear power plant interconnection evaluation on longitudinal connection systems

2011: Expanding national electricity system to face regional interconnection system with inter island connections

2011: Evaluation of intelligent theories and capabilities on the economic power system operation


2010: The Analysis of power loss on the transmission line between Kebon Agung and Sengkaling

2010: Implementation of wind energy as the smart house power producers

2010: Expanding Stability of Interconnected Indonesian Power System as an Integrated National Power System Connection



2009: The Stability Effect of Branch Addition in Power System in Malang

2009: Stability Under Blackout System

2009: Maneuver impacts of the power delivery on the large interconnection system

2009: Pelatihan Pendidikan keteknikan dan bahasa untuk guru SMKN Balikpapan


2008: Power factor improvement on distribution system with random relocation designed load centers

2008: Effects of power injection to the losses on power line


2007: Hostload effect of power generation to the voltage profile

2007: The Evaluation of underwater power line branch tripping between Java and Madura

2007: Performance improvements of power system stability in Malang based on stability limit controlling

2007: An analysis of electric power system stability in Region 4 PT.PLN


2006: Analysis of Power System Stability on Java Bali Interconnected System, MASTER

2006: Submarine power line recovery between Banyuwangi and Bali

2006: Stability evaluation of interconnection system between Bali and East Java

2006: Power system stability in Java, Bali and Madura

2006: Power system stability improvement faced in Situbondo bus

2006: Contaminant effect of salty water to the breakdown voltage of post insulator


2005: The Transmission loss evaluation on 150 kV

2005: Submarine line tripping on power station stability

2005: Load sharing dispatch of power plants on the high voltage system of east java interconnection

2005: Double contingency analysis of power system behaviors in Bali


2004: Power system stability improvement for the east java electricity system

2004: Power losses control of distribution system in Yogyakarta

2004: Economic scheduling coordination of generating units in Central Java and Yogyakarta


2003: Computerized protection system for high building installations


2002: Faulted effects of voltage stability condition at Situbondo bus

2002: DC motor’s speed controling


2001: Power optimization of randomized fluorescent lamps

2001: Car safety design based on microcontroler


2000: Design of low voltage system using three phase system based on four wires for non industrial loads

2000: Contaminant evaluation of salt water on insulator

2000: Power optimization of fluorence lamps using wattmeter approach


1999: Time trigger influencing to voltage of step down DC chopper mosfet

1999: Relay coordination to face the capacitive current caused the disturbances

1999: Controlling of DC motor speed using SCR


1998: Planning and produce the motor muffler using electric circuit elements

1998: Optimization of running tester at the car speed testing

1998: Controlling of electric spot welding based on steel thickness


1997: Electric Motors Implementation as the Propulsion of Ships

1997: Load controlling at microhydro

1997: Development of micro hydro electric power station

1997: DC motor application as propeller mover on the tugboat ship